With meticulous attention to detail, each mirror at Dovana Home is thoughtfully designed to bring a touch of luxury and create the illusion of space.

Trusted by many satisfied customers. Our mirrors are thoughtfully checked for quality control before delivery, ensuring you receive unbroken mirrors and providing peace of mind.

  • Amelia S.

    We bought two gorgeous arched gold mirrors from Dovana Home for our hallway. They have truly transformed the space into something extraordinary. Frames are absolutely stunning. I love that they don't look cheaply made at all.

  • Maria D.

    I recently purchased a wavy velvet mirror from Dovana Home, and I couldn't be happier . They offered same day local delivery. Amazing!!The mirror not only enhances the aesthetics of my living room but also adds space.

  • Belle C.

    Let me share my feedbacks on this mirror I got from Dovana Home. I gotta say, the size and shape of it fit my lounge room just perfectly. And you know what? The customer service was a real delight to deal with. They were super helpful throughout the whole process, which I really appreciated. Now, whenever friends and family come over, I've noticed they can't help but compliment the mirror.